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OnPage Corporation is a provider of SaaS-based Incident Management systems and Clinical Communication platforms. The company offers clients the ability to receive persistent alerts on mobile to apprise them of a critical situation and ensure that critical messages are never missed.
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Differentiate the High-Priority incident from the Low-priority incidents. Use OnPage On-Call scheduler to ensure the right messages get to the right person based on a pre-set Escalation rules. Do a postmortem analysis using Audit trail and reporting. Add a Phone-line with VM attachment to get Voice Mail escalated to your OnPage.
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The Page event occurs after Microsoft Access formats a page of a report for printing, but before the page is printed. The OnPage value will be one of the following, depending on the selection chosen in the Choose Builder window accessed by choosing the Build button next to the On Page box in the report's' Properties window.:
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OnPage automates incident notifications to mitigate human errors and enables rapid resolution of critical IT, healthcare or IoT incidents. Built around the incident resolution lifecycle, the platform enables organizations to get the most out of their digital investments, ensuring that sensors and monitoring systems have a reliable means to escalate abnormality alerts to the right person immediately.

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